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Plumbing and HVAC Employees | Employee of the Month Plumbers

Employee Of the Month at Fox Plumbing & Heating for 2016

Fox Plumbing & Heating has a long-standing history of promoting excellence among our family. When a member of the Fox Plumbing & Heating family excels, we acknowledge them with the distinction of Employee of the Month. This honor is reserved for members of our crew who have gone above and beyond for our neighbors, friends, and family. They are Plumbing Professionals and Heating and AC Specialists that provide excellent service in Plumbing, Sewer, Waterline repair, Heating, Venting or Air Conditioning to our community. We've included some insight into our amazing crew to help you know a little bit more about our family. This will help you to feel comfortable about allowing our family to serve yours.

December 2016

Gerald C. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for December

Gerald has been named the employee of the month for December at Fox Plumbing & Heating. He is a journeyman plumber and has been plumbing for over 11 years. Before becoming a plumber he was a mainframe engineer.  He went to high school and was married in Tacoma. Gerald has three children and nine grandchildren. He is a proud minister for his religion and spends his free time practicing with members of his church.

Get To Know Gerald Better
"My father was a master plumber in Texas and that is where I learned how to do plumbing and I've learned my whole life from him."

Here is why Gerald is Fox's Employee of the Month for December!

Fox Plumbing & Heating
Sump Pump Professionals
Written by: Brendan B.
Date Published: 12/14/2016
Gerald from Fox Plumbing came out to help me with a sump pump issue. Our sump pump is under our 3-year-old's bedroom and was making a ton of noises... Gerald took his time and worked with me to identify all of the issues and make e the appropriate fixes to get the pump system running quietly. We certainly will continue to go back to Fox for our heating/plumbing needs!
5 / 5 stars
Fox Plumbing & Heating
Fox Helped Us With Plumbing and Heating Needs
Written by: Brendan B.
Date Published: 12/14/2016
I've had to call Fox twice now, both time when something went wrong, and I needed help with the problem quickly. They have an emergency service that's come out both times and saved the day. The work was well done and thorough, and the techs were pleasant and helpful both times. I'm very pleased with their service.
5 / 5 stars


November 2016

Ryan_BRyan B. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for November

Ryan B. has only been at Fox for just over 2 months and he is already the employee of the month. Even though Ryan is a new edition to the team, he has been plumbing for just over 5 1/2 years and has been learning about plumbing since he was 12 years old. Ryan is a native of Manson, WA and has lived in Everett for the past 4 years. He has a daughter, and he is currently engaged to his loving fiancee. He originally began working in new construction plumbing, but after trying residential for a few months, he fell in love with meeting new people every day and being able to help them.

Why Ryan Is A Plumber
"I love working with mechanical things and it made sense. I learned a lot from my dad like the need to be able to help people."

Here is why Ryan is Fox's Employee of the Month for November!

Fox Plumbing & Heating
Ryan Is Great!
Written by: Samantha S.
Date Published: 12/06/2016
I had a great experience with Fox Plumbing. First of all, they showed! How many times do you call a plumber and they don't show? They not only showed, but arrived on time. Both plumbers were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They fixed the issue and completed the job within 2 hours. I highly recommend the crew at Fox Plumbing!
5 / 5 stars


October 2016

TheresaTheresa A. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for October

Theresa A. joined the Fox Plumbing & Heating family a year-and-a-half ago as our dispatcher. Theresa is a Washington native and is the mother of two children. Her son, who is 19-years-old and a daughter who is  7-years-old.  She say's that her children are her life but that she does enjoy movies, exercise and all things to do with the ocean and water.  Her favorite movie is Bandits.

A Quote From Theresa
"I was looking for a dispatch position that would challenging and I've found that with Fox."

Here is why Theresa is Fox's Employee of the Month for October!

Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Service
Written by: Jean L.
Date Published: 01/10/2016
Appreciatedthe phone call alerting me to the exact arrival time on the afternoon of the appointment. Everything taken care of, plus some good advice on monitoring future plumbing issues. Anthony and Theresa were terrific.
5 / 5 stars

Fox Plumbing & Heating
The Lady!
Written by: Bikur C.
Date Published: 09/19/2016
Theresa, is a terrific employee. I had a very, very good experience with her - she was very prompt, courteous and efficient. And she remembered my name.
5 / 5 stars

September 2016

Corey_150x150Corey N. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for September

Corey N. joined Fox Plumbing & Heating in June, and within 3 months he has already made employee of the month. Corey comes to Seattle from Phoenix, Arizona.  Raised in Idaho, Corey joined the Navy in his teens and has worked for the Navy as a construction mechanic. He has been stationed all over the world, but he has decided to make Washington his home. Corey has two children, and he loves taking them snowboarding, water skiing and golfing when he's not helping his new friends, neighbors and family at Fox Plumbing & Heating.

A Quote From Corey About Why He Enjoys Helping People
"I've always been taught that you have two hands. One to help yourself, and the second to help others."

Here is why Corey is our Employee of the Month for September!

Fox Plumbing & Heating
Corey Was Awesome
Written by: Daniel C.
Date Published: 08/17/2016
Just wanted to say that Corey is awesome. He did great work, and we really enjoyed having him over here. We had a great conversation while he was working, and kept us completely informed of the work he was doing. Thanks!
5 / 5 stars

Fox Plumbing & Heating
Fox is our go-to company!
Written by: Stacey MacD.
Date Published: 10/20/2016
Fox Plumbing is our go-to plumbing company! Last night, at 11:30 pm, we could tell that our sump pump wasn't working. With heavy rains already starting, we risked having a flood in our home. Fox's 24-hour service line told me it might be a few hours before they could come out, but that they would be here. at 2:15am, Corey arrived, with a smile on his face and ready to help. Thank you, Corey, for your outstanding service, your stocked van and your great attitude in the wee hours of the morning! Fox Plumbing never disappoints!!
5 / 5 stars

August 2016

dave-a_2014David A. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for August

David A. will be celebrating his 4 year anniversary with Fox Plumbing & Heating in October. He’s also won employee of the month every year since he joined Fox Plumbing & Heating.  David is a native of Washington and has two wonderful children.  He is one of our best plumbing professionals.  He is always working to learn and build his skills and expertise here at Fox Plumbing & Heating.  He is an avid 4-wheel driver and he considers his dog as part of the family.

A Quote From David About What Drives Him Every Day
"Spending time riding in the woods with my family, and dog is my idea of a perfect day."

Here is why David is our Employee of the Month for August!

Fox Plumbing & Heating
David a great job for us!
Written by: Heather Hagg
Called earlier this week needing a outside faucet replaced. The customer service agent was great, asked when it was convenient for me to have a tech come out. We schedule it for a Friday morning at 9am. The Tech called me 30 mins before confirming my address and let me know that he would be there in 15-20 mins and I also got an email stating the same info. The tech arrived on time, was very nice and looked at this issue told me it would take about 1 hr to fix and the quote was what I expected. He got to work and was complete within the time expected. He was very polite and showed me that it was all done and explained that the faucet he put in was frost protected, Great for up her in the northwest! Would recommend this business. Bottom line they are professional and no big surprises when the bill comes due.
5 / 5 stars

July 2016

Jerrod_2016Jerrod N. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for July

Jerrod joined Fox Plumbing & Heating in November of 2014, and he's already been Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Year for 2015. With all the wonderful reviews that he has already received this year, he's looking to possibly win this award two years in a row. Jerrod is originally from Charleston, SC, and he prefers that you refer to him as a Charlestonian. He's lived in Washington for over five years now, but he still considers Charleston his true home.

Learn a Little More About Jerrod and His Interests.

Jerrod is a plumbing professional who has over 13 years of industry experience. He lives in Seattle with his wife, and he has four daughters. Jerrod enjoys fishing and spending time with his wife and children.

"I really enjoy the manual labor. I like getting paid to be outside and working with my hands. I believe that work means breaking a sweat, and that is what I do when I'm helping people with their plumbing."

Here is Why Jerrod is Our Employee of the Month for July!

Fox Plumbing & Heating
Jerrod, Always Happy and Pleasant
Written by: Randy K.
Jerrod came to do a one-day install of our tankless water heater and a few other projects. One day turned into part of a second day. Jerrod stayed pleasant and happy and he did a great job. The install was more complicated than expected but he did it in no time. We would have Fox and Jerrod back anytime.
5 / 5 stars
Fox Came Through For Us!
Jerrod and Fox Plumbing & Heating
Written by: Roberta N.
Fox came through for us! I had an outside faucet that needed a professional. With temperatures plummeting, I knew it had to be replaced before the line burst and caused more problems. I was hesitant about the about the prices, but the manager called me and addressed all of my concerns. Great customer service is what sets you ahead of the other company that I spoke with. Fox has been in business for years. Knowledge of the business and the customer is why. My 35-year-old outside faucet is new again, and my washer faucets are new too. Thank you Fox for taking care of my needs.
5 / 5 stars

June 2016

Chris_150x150Chris H. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for June

Chris H. has been named as Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for June 2016. Chris is one our leads for the HVAC division here at Fox, and he is a true asset to our team. As a native of California, he has been doing HVAC for over 26 years now. Chris began working in HVAC right out of high school and was trained in Arizona.

Learn a Little More About Chris and His Interests.

Chris has lived in and around Seattle since he graduated from high school. He currently lives in Spanaway with his wife and three dogs.  He enjoys playing music and going to the beach with his wife and dogs.  He has just celebrated his one year anniversary with his wife.  Chris enjoys the diversity of his job and how it is different every day.

What is your 5-year-plan with Fox Plumbing & Heating?

“I'd like to have a role where I'm conducting our ongoing training and spending more time learning to manage our growing team here at Fox.”

Here is Why Chris is Our Employee of the Month for June!

Tried Us On Plumbing and Now Use Us for HVAC
Fox Plumbing & Heating
Written by: Sarina G.
We had used Fox for some plumbing issues and was very impressed with the service. Decided that since we had had such a good experience with them before that we would call with our heating issues. Again... amazing customer service, always friendly technicians - professional, knowledgeable, honest and now excited to participate in the AAA preferred service plan.
5 / 5 stars
Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Company to Work With!
Written by: Marco E.
Fox is a great company to work with. In the middle of moving out of the country, my old furnace decided to start acting up. The Fox office was very easy to work with. When I told them that my furnace was really old, Cat actually took the time to call the tech and then call me back to reassure me that it was n problem. The Fox service technician, Chris, was professional, knowledgeable, and he listened to MY needs. Despite Chris trying to nurse it back to health, the furnace was dying. I chose to go with Fox for my new furnace, and I could not be happier. I was flying out in a few days so I basically handed the project off to them. The installation went great, my tenant is happy, and I don't have to worry about the cranky old furnace anymore. I would not hesitate to recommend Fox Plumbing and Heating to anyone.
5 / 5 stars

May 2016

Rick_V_150x150Rick V. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for May

We're proud to announce Rick V. as Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for May 2016. Rick joined Fox Plumbing & Heating recently and he has already been impressing us and our customers with his work habits and professionalism. He has over 10 years of plumbing experience and is a third generation plumber.

Learn a Little More About Rick and His Interests.

Rick has lived in Seattle for the past 20 years. He has two children and is married. He enjoys hanging out with his wife and children and playing video games in his free time.

Why Did You Become a Plumber?

“Plumbing is in my blood. My father and my grandfather were both plumbers, and I love the work. Being able to be out in the field and work with people is really important to me and provides me a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.”

Here is Why Rick is Our Employee of the Month for May!

Rick Did A Wonderful Job
Fox Plumbing & Heating
Written by: Holly T.
Rick just left my home a little while ago. I just wanted to thank him for his excellent and hard work. He is a great technician, and I had a wonderful experience with Fox. Thank you for the new hot water tank.
5 / 5 stars
Fox Plumbing & Heating
Speedy, Professional Service!
Written by: Beth C.
A chronic kitchen sink draining issue was on the verge of becoming a crisis. I called Fox, thinking an appointment was at least a week or two out. They send a technician that afternoon! The technician was quick to assess and take care of the problem that included discussing various options for addressing the concern. We are now relieved to know that we have avoided a plumbing crisis thanks to Fox. We are repeat customers and would never call any other resource.
5 / 5 stars

April 2016

Kyle B. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee of the Month for April

Kyle B. has been named April’s Employee of the Month at Fox Plumbing & Heating. Kyle is one of our youngest plumbing professionals, but he’s also one of the best. He won Plumber of the Year his first year at Fox Plumbing & Heating  and was runner-up for the award this past year.  April is Kyle's lucky month now because he was also Employee of the Month in 2015.

Learn a Little More About Kyle and His Interests.

April was Kyle’s 11 year anniversary working in plumbing, and what better way to celebrate than winning Employee of the Month. As a native Seattleite, he was raised in Seattle and spent most of his youth in Shoreline. He is one of five children. He has one brother and 3 sisters.

Kyle enjoys sporting events and claims to spend half the year at Century Link Field. He’s also an excellent karaoke singer, and enjoys going singing on the weekends in Fremont.

Why Did You Become a Plumber?

“Plumbing is an ongoing career where I have the opportunity to see the fruits of my labor come to fruition. The opportunity to help people who are in need makes my day.”

Here is Why Kyle is Our Employee of the Month for April!

“Kyle was on time, friendly and helped us save money by telling us what to buy from the hardware store when he didn't have what we needed in his truck. He worked on unclogging a sink, installing our washer, and replacing our garbage disposal. Would use him again and highly recommend Fox Plumbing & Heating ”
- Joana C
Seattle, WA

Kyle was very professional
Fox Plumbing and Heating
Written by: Andrea W.
Date Published: 03/22/2016
Our double bathroom vanity tried to snake it, but could make it around the corner. We called Fox at 9am and they had someone come out in just a couple of hours. He assessed the situation, offered a solution, and had it fixed within the next 2 hours, for a reasonable price. He was very professional.
5 / 5 stars

"Kyle is the BEST! Kyle is our guy from Fox. He does it right the first time. Our bill is always a fair amount. His suggestions always makes sense and his explanations seem logical to a homeowner with a minimal knowledge of plumbing. He's always here on time and gets right to work.  Kyle gets fix stars plus!!"
- Jim P.
, WA

March 2016

Wyll A. and Eric L. are Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employees Of the Month

Sewer TeamThis month we have two Employees Of the Month at Fox Plumbing & Heating. Wyll and Eric are key members of our sewer crew.  Wyll has been with Fox Plumbing & Heating for over six years, and Eric joined our crew just over four months ago. Their teamwork has helped to make Fox your #1 Most Trusted Sewer and Plumbing company in Seattle and King County. Wyll and his team are able to fix your sewer and side-sewer issues quickly and efficiently based on their knowledge and expertise.

Learn a Little More About Wyll A. and His Interests.

Wyll is originally from Texas. He comes from a long line of plumbers, and he has been doing plumbing and sewer work since he was 16 years old. He's one of Fox Plumbing & Heating's most knowledgeable plumbing professionals and has been the foreman of our sewer team for over four years now. He enjoys spending time with his kids and wife in Federal Way where he lives.

Learn a Little More About Eric L and His Interests.

Eric is from Bremerton, Washington, and he joined Fox Plumbing & Heating because he wanted a change of from his previous role. He enjoys being the best at what he does, and he believes that being at Fox Plumbing & Heating will provide him that opportunity. He's also looking forward to becoming a Journeyman Plumber. Eric enjoys spending time playing baseball, basketball, and softball. He lives in Bremerton with his wife and family.

Eric, Why Did You Join Fox Plumbing & Heating?

"I love the idea of giving 100% each day of my life. I really wanted to get back to working outdoors and working with my hands. Fox Plumbing & Heating provides me a real feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day."

Here is Why Wyll and Eric are Our Employees For the Month for March!

"All of these guys were the friendliest, personable, and most professional people that I've ever worked with. Everyone at Fox has been a pleasure to work with and just outstanding! Wyll and Eric were very spry hopping in and out of that hole, they must be very young!"
- Emily W.
Seattle, WA

Fox is the BEST!
Fox Plumbing and Heating
Written by: Jennifer S.
Date Published: 03/09/2016
Fox is the greatest! The technicians are extremely knowledgeable. They don't waste billing time trying to figure out the problem, they just get right to the solution, as I saw with Wyll and his assistant. I've used Fox four times now, and every time I'm happy with the service.
5 / 5 stars

February 2016

Danny_16Danny W. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee Of the Month for February

Danny has been with Fox since the summer of 2015. He's been an amazing edition to the HVAC team here, and that's why he is our Employee of the Month for February. Danny started in the HVAC field when he was 16 years old. His uncle had his own residential HVAC company in Florida. He would let Danny help him in the summers and taught him the trade.

After graduating from high school he attended an apprenticeship program for HVAC. Then he worked for a commercial HVAC company. He was working there while going to college on the night of 9/11. At that moment he decided to join the military and was stationed overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was there where he met representatives from companies like, Halliburton, KBR, and Fluor Daniel. When his contract ended with the military, he took an HVAC job with an oil company. He became a general foreman for over 77 HVAC techs and 3 other foremen. After returning to the United States, he moved to Seattle and found a position with Fox Plumbing & Heating.

Why Did You Join Fox Plumbing & Heating?

"After returning home and traveling for a few years, I was looking for a chance to make a name for myself here in Seattle. I found a position at Fox Plumbing & Heating, and glad I'm that I did. Though I'm not managing right now, there is room for me to learn more about the Pacific North West. HVAC is a lot different here and a great way to increase my knowledge in this ever evolving field."

Here is Why Danny is Our Employee Of the Month for February!

"Fox is consistently the BEST in the business. We lived here for over 30 years and had tried some other companies first, but there is just no comparison. Ever serviceman is so helpful, courteous and capable. They are prompt and always clean-up after themselves perfectly. Danny BLEW MY MIND last time with hsi concern and kindness as well as a thorough understanding of my finicky furnace! These people are SOLID GOLD!"
- Ruz G.
Seattle, WA

Danny was Outstanding
Fox Plumbing and Heating
Written by: Mildred H.
Date Published: 01/05/2016
I was referred to Fox by your client Carolyn Hawkins. I am very pleased to say the service by Danny was excellent, and over and above my expectations. He was very timely, professional and his performance was outstanding. My furnace is now working and I feel very content, safe and comfortable. I will always use Fox in the future. Thank You.
5 / 5 stars

January 2016

Matt D. is Fox Plumbing & Heating's Employee Of the Month for January

Matt is one of our greatest success stories here at Fox Plumbing & Heating.  He joined us in April of 2014 as a helper. In such a short amount of time, Matt has come up through the ranks and is now taking on plumbing jobs. He is still a Journeyman in training, which means his work is reviewed by a fully licensed Journeyman. However, he's been really impressing our entire team.

When Matt began working with Fox Plumbing & Heating, we noticed his talent early on and began writing blogs about him. You can read more about Matt on our on-going series about a 'Young Plumber in Training' here.

Learn a Little More About Matt and His Interests.

Matt enjoys spending time with his friends in Federal Way. He considers most of his family other members of the Fox Plumbing & Heating crew. In his free time, he likes watching movies and spending time with his girlfriend.

Here is Why Matt is Our Employee Of the Month for January!

"Matt came to my rescue to fix a very slow kitchen drain. I was contacted via text message of his arrival time, and he came on time. He came wearing shoe covers (Got to respect your house!), drop clothes and ready to go. Despite running into some bumps in the road, he persevered calmly and go the job done. I am really happy to have found my new go-to plumber!  I feel he was every bit like the TV spot promised and more!"
- Ralph R.
Shoreline, WA

Review of Matt from Fox
Fox Plumbing and Heating
Written by: Jim A
Date Published: 01/30/2016
I have used Fox several times over the years, and their service has made me a steady customer. My latest small project was handled with their usual efficiency and to my complete satisfaction.
5 / 5 stars
Toot Horn My for Matt D.
Fox Plumbing and Heating
Written by: Renee D.
Date Published: 11/15/2015
I don't normally toot horns but wanted to give props to Fox Plumbing & Heating. It's the least I can do to thank them for their quick response to a water leak we had between the street and our home. Thanks to Fox Plumbing and Heating - I now know we are in great shape. They are great people, a terrific local company with more than 50 years in Seattle. They will always be my first call should we ever need service or repair in the future.
5 / 5 stars

Employee of the Month for Previous Years